High performance multifunctional surface treatment that combines corrosion resistance and friction stabilization.


Point01Dramatic improvement of rust prevention

eTORQUER®/ECHOTE®EP200 treatment forms a strong protective film of epoxy resin and aluminum flakes, effectively protecting the surface treatment underneath it. By applying it on top of coating such as Geomet coating or zinc coating, the rust prevention effect improves dramatically.

Point02Epoxy resin is amazingly resistant to scratches!

Due to the high mechanical strength of epoxy resin, the coating film is less likely to get damaged. It can withstand environments where scratches are likely to happen and will make sure rust prevention capacities will be the same under all circumstances.


What is epoxy resin?

①High electrical insulation

Since epoxy resin is a coating agent that does not conduct electricity, it is often used in electronic components.

②High corrosion resistance

Since it prevents corrosion factors such as water and oxygen to pass through, epoxy resin has excellent rust prevention properties and is often used for rustproof coating. A more familiar application of epoxy resin is as the coating used on the inside of soda cans.

③Strong mechanical strength

Cured epoxy resin forms a three-dimensional crosslinked structure, making it able to withstand external forces.
In the case of e-Torquer®it is unknown whether the structure is completely cross-linked because it is treated at low temperature.

Point03Having a friction stabilizer function

the appropriate axial force can be secured. Under the same torque tightening conditions, the looseness due to the axial force UP can be eliminated, and the weight of the bolt can be reduced.

About the Torquer series

Point04Protects from the contact corrosion of dissimilar metals

By coating with a non-conductive epoxy resin, even when different metals come into contact with each other, the movement of electrons due to the material difference is less likely to occur, thus effectively delaying corrosion.eTORQUER®/ECHOTE®EP200Galvanic corrosion can be prevented with eTORQUER® / ECHOTE® EP200.


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