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Preventing looseness / Cost reduction / Weight reduction
The Torquer Series is effective in every situation


Increasing the size and number of bottles is not enough to prevent loosening.

The cause of loosening is insufficient tightening axial force, but even if the bolts are tightened with the same tightening torque, loosening can still occur. These are due to variations in the coefficient of friction, and even if tightened with an appropriate torque, if the coefficient of friction varies, some bolts will not be able to exert the required tightening axial force.

The most effective way to prevent loosening is to stabilize the coefficient of friction and exert an appropriate tightening axial force.

Point01 Stable fasteninig axial force prevent looseness
from happening

When the friction coefficient it stable, it is possible to obtain a stable tightening axial force without any variantion in all bolts when tightening with the same tightening torque.

Point02 A stable friction coefficient

Applying the Torquer Series reduses the variation in the friction coefficient and makes it stable. We offer 3 types of lineups that allow you to choose the one that suits your needs best.


Point03 Maximize the utilization of bolts without sacrificing performance

When the tightening torque is 20N*m, with M8 x 1.25 bolts (strength classification 6.8), only 7KN of tightening axial force can be obtained with non-lubricated bolts. However, when Neotorquer is applied, a tightening axial force of 17KN can be obtained.
In this way the Torquer series can maximize bolt performance.


No more increasing the size ir the number of bolts

Until now, it was necessary to increase the size and number of bolts in order to obtain the required tightening axial force. By using the Torquer series, more tightening axial force can be obtained. As a result, it is possible to reduce the size and number of bolts, thus reducing both the cost and the overall weight.

Bolt weight reduction