To the future.

Getting ahead of the curve

The automobile industry has entered a period of great change. The materials that are being used are diversifying, with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, and titanium being used more often next to the materials that have been used thusfar. In addition, the development of new materials, such as for example hot stamping materials for ultra-high-strength steel sheets, is rapidly advancing. As dissimilar materials are increasingly being used together, how to solve the corrosion that may occur there is becoming a prominent question in the automotive industry. We believe that we can contribute greatly to the solution of this problem.

Setting our eyes on the future

Technologies like AI and ITC are starting to bring forth revolutionary changes in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and chemistry. We believe that soon, these technologies will also change the field of surface treatments. With the help of AI Big Data analysis, things like the optimum construction method and what chemicals to use can be picked simply based on the data analysis, leading to a development of new techniques. We believe the future lies in these technologies.

To the world.

Our rust preventive surface treatment technology is widely adopted in the global automobile industry.