Products OTHERS


We have a lineup of chemicals and products specialized for various functions.
We will select and propose chemicals and products tailered towards your needs.

Point01 Abrasion resistance, sliding resistance, noise resistance

We have the possibility to process and apply lubrication treatments with integrated special lubrication technology. We offer for example various types of molybdenum disulfide, fluororesin, and graphite, tailered towards your needs. Coating will be done according to the usage environment and needs of the customer, always with optimal performance in mind.



We handle pretreatment agents necessary for surface treatment.
・Various alkaline, neutral, and acidic cleaning agents
・Emulsifying type cleaning agents
・Organic solvent type cleaning agents
We also accept consultations regarding cleaning of metal surfaces.


Point03Rust resistance

We also offer a variety of chemicals for simple rust preventing purposes such as for moving between processes, temporary storaging, and transport. We will select and propose chemicals that suit the environment and usage purpose best.


Point04Heat resistance

We present a variety of coatings that have the industry’s highest possible: a maximum heat resistance of 600℃. We offer an added heat resistance to your product suiting the usage environment. In addition, depending on the heat-resistant coating, it is possible to choose from various color variations.